STEP BY STEP GUIDE: Five CHIC Ways to Wear your Head Wraps

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Happy New Year readers! Well it’s been a while since I’ve written, my apologies (humble face).

I take it that the New Year is kicking in pretty well, you are all probably putting your goals ahead making ends meet and I wish you well.

The Gigantic Bow: It’s just like trying a bow tie on your forehead, only it’s bigger and fashionable, so cute.

So the other day I was hanging out with my friends at our local fundi’s store, which by the way happens to be my favorite hangout, modifying some dress into an off-shoulder elastic edge for my sister trying to make up for the Christmas gift I had failed to give to her. It was ravishing, you should have ‘met’ my creation.

The Spiral Headband: this is for the lovers of box-braids and huge buns, it’s easier to achieve and with it comes the fun, outgoing type of look.

Anyway, one of my fundis’ customers came to pick her Ankara dress and got so worried when she learned that the remaining piece of fabric could not make another outfit, not even a blouse for one of her black skirts back home, at least that’s how she put it. Then I thought to myself, “Aha! Just the perfect size for a head wrap.”

The Mama African Turban: wearing this wrap demands confidence. You have to truly trust your sense of style. It could also be inspired by matching sets of Ankara.

She gave me that “where are you getting at” type of look but I hesitated not. I showed her how she could make just the perfect turban for that outfit with the remaining fabric and she loved it. She couldn’t stop thanking me, but we all know about head wraps don’t we?

This brings us to the idea of turbans. Sophisticated isn’t it?

The Front Twist: I love this particular style. It’s an easy one, the high-up bun gives you a younger fashionable look. Try this with brighter colors or prints. Remarkable!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that head wraps are more than just style. For some, they can be a little controversial for purposes of religion and fashion. However significant they are for other people’s religions, they’re surely a global style!


There are great ideas for your head wrap, remember, a fly head wrap can transform your look and ladies, this is a MUST HAVE in your wardrobe;

The Mega Turban: It is timeless! If you’re a lover of big puffy hair, this is the perfect turban for you.

  • Wraps are fashionable and will definitely accessorize your basic outfit, bringing out the sharp-chic look! It can amp up any outfit you pull
  • They are cultural; they give you the African touch of style. Isn’t it great to belong to one of the most stylish cultures?
  • Wraps will give you that identity whether bold or outgoing. You express yourself through fashion, you must know this already.
  • It maintains a healthy tame hair, keeps it stylish and protected from the scorching sun; and
  • They will save you from bad hair days. Sometimes you just don’t want to style your hair, could be the moods or just bad weather (ladies you feel me?)

If you’re going to do this, remember, style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak~ Rachel Zoe


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  1. This is lovely Monica. Head wraps are surely fashionable and cultural too.
    These are “must have” for ladies in their wardrobes,moreso busy ladies who don’t always have time to do their hair.
    Thanks for educating us. I suggest you also drop a piece on men’s fashion. Keep them coming. Your writings are very informative.

  2. veronique Ogendo on

    Wow..from the tutorials,I just realized that doing the head wraps ain’t “rocket science” as I thought..Thanks so much dear for this awsome piece that has educated me on what to do,especially during the bad hair days?

  3. Head wraps are so trendy and his year will definitely use the steps learnt in this article inrocking a head wrap

  4. i tried out turbans end of last year and it worked out well. Sure thing to continue this year and now even better because of your motivation.

  5. Wow at least I have a rough idea about head wraps!I always admire ladies who have them around but shy off to ask how to wrap them?????.For you I will come for perfect lessons

  6. Wow at least I have a rough idea about head wraps!I always admire ladies who have them around but shy off to ask how to wrap them?????.For you I will come for perfect lessons

  7. honestly I thought that head wraps are hard to make,but it seems that they can help during bad hair days when you want to go out and lazy to make your hair…good piece of work here

  8. Jimreeves Abba on

    After reading this, i think i need a whole sack of these wraps and a pack of ladies to spread the gospel… This is awesome!!

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