How to Win TCLM Cover Model Contest

Welcome to 2018,

This year The Campus Lady Magazine will be producing downloadable versions of the Magazine from time to time to enable our readers to get the stories they love offline and on their mobile devices for ease of access even when they do not have internet connectivity.

This is also an opportunity for models and aspiring models around Kenyan Universities to get an opportunity for exposure. With every competition we have run, the one question that we have always been asked is “how can I win the competition?”

Initially, our efforts were concentrated on rewarding those who win the Facebook contest. However, this was disadvantageous as it led to less deserving models winning at the expense of truly inspirational young ladies in our Kenyan Campus with talent and inspiration to boot.

Therefore, the rules for the competition are as follows for everyone wishing to be on the next cover of The Campus Lady Magazine.

  1. The first step you need to take is emailing us 3 of your best photos to These photos will be evaluated for suitability and the qualified applicants will go to the next step. This step will account for 25% of the total score.
  2. The second step involves answering interview questions. This is the step you need to concentrate on much because it carries the most weight contributing 50% of the total score. At this stage, we shall send you a raft of questions that we will require that you answer them as sincere and open as possible. This questions will help us better know you. The best out of this step will be selected to proceed to the next step.
  3. The third step involves amassing social media likes. This will be done either on Facebook or Instagram or any other platform that The Campus Lady Magazine management will deem fit. Here, you are required to get as many votes (in form of likes or as otherwise specified) as you can and this will translate to 25% of the total score.

Once the contestants will have undergone this stage successfully, the scores for individual stages plus the overall score will be made public within 24 hours after the completion of the final stage.

Unlike in previous competitions where models who participate in the competition only got a chance to be on the cover of the magazine, 2018 participants will benefit from several opportunities that will be disclosed to them from time to time.

PS: You can apply to participate in the competition at any time of the month and as many times as you want to.